I write, a lot. You can find my writing all over the place. Here are some highlights and things I’m particularly proud of.


Medium – A collection of long-form, personal essays.

The Huffington Post – These folks were silly enough to give me an outlet. Some of my shorter articles are up here.


Spontaneity – A short, flash fiction piece called ‘Courting,’ was published as a part of Issue 5 of this inspirational arts journal.

Knock Back Magazine – I wrote ‘Rain Brown and The Seven Harpies – A Slighty Feminist Fairytale’ for Knock Back – a great publication with a no-bullshit, only jokes allowed, feminist edge. Check it out for the beautiful illustrations.

Twisted Tales Anthology by Raging Aardvark Publications – ‘Swimmers,’ a short story with a twist, has been selected for publication in this year’s Twisted Tales Anthology. Very proud to have been shortlisted and chosen. Link to the ebook and printed copies will be up as soon as they exist.

Sci Fi London / Urban Fantasist 48hr Flash Fiction Challenge – My short story ‘The Journey’ placed second in this national competition. It’s a short, fun read.


In 2012 I was part of the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers’ Programme. It was fun, I wrote some plays. if you want to read them, then, you know, drop me a line.


Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge – Some comedy chums and I got together and created this short sci fi flick in a weekend. It was stinky and tiring, but we had a lot of fun and learnt a great deal. Story and writing by Lindsay Sharman and me. Watch it. It’s only five minutes. And you’ll guffaw at least once, honest.

I’m also just sitting on scripts. I wrote a bunch of them and stuffed them into various pillows and sit on them, all day. So if you’d like to read one: tweet me, write me, get in touch. They’re so hilarious that my butt gets a work out from laughing all day because their brilliance radiates through the cushion covers. I’m serious.

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