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Love me in your earholes? There’s more. Check out some of the podcasts I’ve either co-created (and archived) or that I’ve featured in, below.

Treat yourself over the holiday season with our audio commentary for Netflix’s 4k Fireplace: Crackling Birchwood Edition. Bring Bec Hill, Gabriel Ebulue and Sam Golin into your home, get cosy and have a.. Winter.

Check it out over at the Gatecrash Network:


I was recently a guest on Sofie Hagen’s new Made Of Human Podcast. It was pretty special. Listen here:

Episode 6. Bisha K Ali – I’m gonna sit in this cave and eat this dirty bowl of chips

Dave Pickering’s Getting Better Acquainted is an award winning beast of a podcast. Dave had me around to his place for a lovely chat:

GBA 213 Bisha K Ali

The wonderful Kate McCabe and Debra Jane-Appleby had me on Strong Female Leads – a nerd podcast from Standard Issue Magazine. We talked about women in film and comics getting “fridged,” and we get righteous about some stuff:
SFL S1E13 What The Fridge!?!

The fantastic Deborah Frances White hosts the podcast panel show Global Pillage, recorded in front of a live audience. I’ve been in two episodes, and whatever you may hear on the podcast, our team always wins. Always.

Episode 1.8 – Children
Episode 2.1 – Sport

James Quintin’s “Can I Be Funny?” was one of the first podcasts to have me on as a guest. These were my much earlier days! Laugh at my naivite here:
Can I Be Funny?

The Turtle Book Club Podcast
I co-hosted a fun, juicy podcast with my dear friend Sadaf Fahim. We talk about literature, writers, snacks and art.

The Turtle Book Club is a podcast for people who love to wander through books. Come and get lost with comedian Bisha K Ali & researcher Sadaf Fahim. Leave pretentiousness at the door. There are no stupid questions except “Are there stupid questions?” If you like sweary, wonky thinking and joy – you’re in the right place.

You can find all the episodes here: ITunes

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In Agony

In “How The Fuck Do You Play This Fucking Game?” I teach the ridiculously funny (and mean. and weak. But mean.) Stephanie Laing how to play videogames. She played Snake once one time. This podcast is for gamers and non-gamers alike. Subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud.

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